The Utility Room

Our “bonus” room above the main hallway has been a spare bedroom on occasion, but right from the earliest days it’s housed our laundry. Having the ability to wash and dry clothes while on holiday is priceless!

Like all the rooms it was a disaster, and with the added bonus of a sound deadening wall having been constructed as part of the work undertaken to make the rooms legally rentable. One of these years we may strip it out in order to gain back the 6″ or so that it robbed from the width of the room.

The window was replaced, and sink removed, as part of the first round of work contracted to our builder in 2003/2004. By the second trip in the autumn of 2004 I also replaced the flooring, and a still later trip saw me wallpaper and generally tidy up this little room.

I recycled the table that had been in the front room by cutting it in half, and using it as a semicircular desk in this room, and you’ll see that we had our local joiner Neil Donald make up some shelves above the washer and dryer.

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