Kodak DC260

My first digital camera, and the beginning of the end for Kodak
Kodak DC260


Kodak had established itself quite credibly as a manufacturer of imaging sensors, and during the mid ’90s began creating its own brand of consumer digital cameras. Coming 2 years after the introduction of the DC20, the DC260 offered a bit more control in a slightly bulkier package.

Technical Details

The DC260 has many features common in contemporary digital cameras; a 4 way selector dial, LCD screen for image review and menu settings, and a series of pre-set picture type modes. Picture resolution is 1.3 megapixel at 1,536 x 1,024 and images are captured in JPG only. Weighing 1.2lbs this is not an especially light weight camera, and in use I found battery life from 4xAA cells to be rather poor.

Additional Info

  • Manufacturer :  Kodak
  • Year Introduced : 1998
  • Year Discontinued : 2002
  • Film format : Digital

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