Olympus AF-10 Quartz

Compact quality, the heir to the Trip


Part of the AS series, known as Infinity in the US, first launched in 1986. The AF range inherited many design cues from the XA, especially the sliding “capsule” design which protected the lens.

Technical Details

Fixed 35mm f/3.5-f/9 lens with active infra-red autofocus from 2ft. Shutter speeds from 1/45th to 1/400th with programmed AE only. DX coded film sets for ISO 50, 100, 400 and 800. Automatic film loading with “upside down” handling – the full canister is inserted to the right of the lens box and winds to the left. Self timer of 12 second duration. Flash offers automatic activation and forced-on fill in modes. This is the “Super” version with Quartz date back; it will expose the date of each shot on the film.

Why it’s special

A nice quality, easy to use compact camera. How I came by it is most of what makes it special for me personally.

The Museum Sample

I was given this as part of a contract job I had in 1991, and kept it when the company I was working for folded owing me money!

Additional Info

  • Manufacturer :  Olympus
  • Year Introduced : 1987
  • Year Discontinued: ?
  • Year manufactured : 1988
  • Film format : 35mm
  • Serial Number: 1072107

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