Hasselblad 501CM

Although introduced 40 years after the 500C, the 501CM looks very similar and is interchangeable with many parts.


Never a company for rapid innovation, the 501CM seems a small development even by Hasselblad standards! Very minor changes over previous models ensure decades of backwards compatibility.

Technical Details

Just as with the 500C of 1957, the 501CM is basically just a box with a mirror in it. In this case the “gliding mirror system” ensures that there is no longer any vignetting with longer focal length lenses (those over 100mm), the shutter release button is a little different from the 500C, the Acute Matte D screen is brighter and the film transport crank is no longer removable. Other than that? You can use the same film backs, viewfinders and lenses as has been the case for the previous 40 years

Why it’s special

The history, the quality, the lenses, the backwards compatibility – nothing matches Hasselbald.

The Museum Sample

Bought new by me in 1998 while I was a freelance consultant – because I could 🙂

Additional Info

  • Manufacturer : Hasselblad
  • Year Introduced : 1997
  • Year Discontinued : 2005
  • Year manufactured : 1998
  • Film format : 120
  • Serial Number : 10ER13500

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