Eastman Kodak Vest Pocket Model B

These were churned out by the hundreds of thousands, especially the cheap and cheerful version I have here.


The Vest Pocket range were the first cameras to use the 127 roll film reels, which were designed for 8 exposures 4×6.5cm. They sold well over a million samples and, during the course of the first World War, became known as “The Soldiers Camera” when offered with the “autographic” feature. It’s price new of $7.50 translates to $98 in 2013 – clearly an inexpensive camera then and now. Other variants were more sophisticated than the Model B, which was aimed at Boy Scouts in particular.

Technical Details

Very simple construction with a doublet lens having a single shutter speed, with a series of primitive apertures in a wheel in front of the lens. An included metal stylus was used to write on the paper backing through a sliding slot on the rear of the camera.

Why it’s special

These were models that really popularized photography in the early part of the C20. Inexpensive and (just barely) good enough to record usable images

The Museum Sample

Handed down to me by my Mother, it was her parent’s camera before coming to her – somehow it survived in the family for 90 years!

Additional Info

  • Manufacturer : Kodak
  • Year Introduced : 1925
  • Year Discontinued : 1934
  • Film format : A127

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