Renovating a Scottish Flat

  • Our Flat In Scotland

    Turning bed-sits into a home The seed for the idea that grew into our place in Scotland was planted during a family holiday in France, intrigued by the romance of buying an old place and investing sweat equity to renovate it. After some thought I decided that France, while appealing for a great many reasons, […]

  • Creating a kitchen

    From Dentist surgery to kitchen It made sense to have the kitchen on the same floor as the main living room, and to have it as an eat-in kitchen made the larger room at the back of the house the logical choice. As with all the rooms it already had running water. There were multiple […]

  • The Front Room

    The front room, or living room, is still a work in progress. It’s been pretty usable since after the second trip in 2004, but it still has areas of plaster to be repaired. The night storage heater that had been installed shortly before we bought the flat was too heavy for the floorboards, and actually […]

  • The Utility Room

    Our “bonus” room above the main hallway has been a spare bedroom on occasion, but right from the earliest days it’s housed our laundry. Having the ability to wash and dry clothes while on holiday is priceless! Like all the rooms it was a disaster, and with the added bonus of a sound deadening wall […]

  • Bathroom

    The original bathroom edged out the second floor kitchen to be “worst room in the flat”. I don’t think it had been renovated since the house was first divided, probably 70 or so years before we bought the flat. It’s built on a floor added to the back of the flat, supported on steel beams […]

  • Hallway and Stairs

    We are fortunate that our portion of the house includes the original entrance, hallway, and stairs – they retain much original character. When we first bought the flat this area was very tired, having been subjected to decades of public traffic. The sheer size of the space meant that decorating was more of a challenge […]

  • Back Bedroom

    Initially we had used the front bedroom, but in summer months it’s pretty noisy with the cruiser traffic on Mid St, Friday and Saturday nights. This is the room that was originally the kitchen, all of which had to be removed. As part of the very first work we contracted with our builder between November […]

  • Front Bedroom

    This room benefitted from two added walls, one for soundproofing on the wall shared with our neighbors, the other created a corridor like “lab”. This is the room I slept in, on foam mats on the floor, in November of 2003 on the very first trip to the flat. After that first trip our local […]

  • The Attic

    This room at the top of the house ties with the bathroom for most dramatic transformation. There were two small skylights, original to the roof I’m sure as they were iron framed and cold as anything. We had them replaced along with the windows in 2003/2004, and then did little with the attic until 2019, […]