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  • Pentax ME-F

    One of the first integrated Auto Focus 35mm SLRs offered – possibly the first. There had been other attempts where the A/F system was fully enclosed within the lens, but in this heavily modified version of the ME-Super, electronics within the camera body used contrast detect sensors to determine correct focus.  

  • Kodak Instamatic 500

    Growing up, every picture we have as a family was taken by one of these!  

  • Canonet QL19

    The QL17, QL19 and QL25 are all essentially the same, differentiated only by their f/1.7, f/1.9 and f/2.5 45mm lenses. This was very much the mainstream of cameras in the ’60s.  

  • Canon AE-1

    The AE-1 marked the introduction of micro-processor electronics to photography. For the first time microprocessors calculated exposure and timed the shutter, which in this case was still a fairly traditional horizontal cloth design.  

  • Canon A-1

    The Canon A-1 was the first camera to offer micro-processor controlled, programmed auto-exposure, where both aperture and shutter were determined by the camera.  

  • Canon T-90

    A groundbreaking design departure for Canon, and one which established the pattern for almost every DSLR they sell today.  

  • Olympus Trip 35

    A wonderfully simple and unsophisticated camera, we sold lots of Trips during the time I worked as a retail assistant in Dixons from 1981 to 1983. Despite having no battery, the trip manages to offer programmed automatic and aperture priority metering modes – made easier because it had to choose between only 1/40th or 1/200th […]

  • Fujica ST605n

    Quite a solid camera, arguably introduced just a little late. The K1000 preceded it by a year, and with it came bayonet mounts and 1/1000 top speeds – by comparison the ST605n seems a bit behind the times with its M42 screw thread and 1/700th sec top speed.  

  • Pentax LX

    Arguably the very best camera Pentax ever made, and their only attempt at the professional 35mm market. This is a cracking camera in every way!  

  • Pentax ME Super

    Introduced just 2 years after the ME, the ME Super is one of two cameras that replaced the first auto-mode M series body. I had one in the early ’80s and absolutely loved it!