Category: Museum

  • Pentax ME

    Aperture priority only automatic was a fairly bold move for a 35mm SLR in 1977, but the great handling of the ME won many fans  

  • Pentax K2

    In 1975 Pentax introduced a trio of cameras to launch the PK Bayonet mount, of which the K2 was the flagship. Though the basic chassis is very similar to the K1000 which came a year later, the cameras themselves are very different.  

  • Hasselblad 500C

    From about 1980 onwards I always wanted a Hasselblad; everything about them was appealing: preferred camera (later in life) of Ansel Adams, camera chosen by NASA for space and lunar photography. Oh, and then of course there was the legendary longevity and Carl Zeiss lenses!  

  • Hasselblad 501CM

    Although introduced 40 years after the 500C, the 501CM looks very similar and is interchangeable with many parts.  

  • Pentax Spotmatic ES

    The world’s first SLR with a fully automatic Electronic Shutter  

  • Topcon RE Super

    The world’s first TTL metering SLR  

  • Olympus AF-10 Quartz

    Compact quality, the heir to the Trip  

  • Kodak DC260

    My first digital camera, and the beginning of the end for Kodak  

  • Topcon RM300

    An RM 300 was the first 35mm SLR I ever purchased, after saving money from a Saturday job working at Dixons.