Argus C33

Argus C33

This is one of several cameras that we inherited from my wife’s Grandfather, who was a newspaperman. Known as “The Brick’ for obvious reasons, this was an attempt to go after the Leica market by US manufacturer Argus. Since the mid 30’s Argus had success domestically with the C3, which was a 35mm rangefinder that…

Yashicaflex A-II

I believe this to be an A-II model, first introduced in 1954. The Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) had gained popularity between the wars due in large part to the German Rolleicord models, much loved by press photographers. They were relatively light and simple, compared to cumbersome plate cameras that had preceded them. This TLR represents…

Weston Master II

I have to admit it was a particularly stubborn streak in me that lead to buying and using this meter. I’d been reading lots of material by my idol Ansel Adams, and was going through a phase where I equated results with equipment – hence a Weston Meter that wasn’t even calibrated in ASA/ISO!