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  • Viking Orion – Indoor Spaces

    A ship with many nooks Scaled towards 930 passengers, Viking Ocean ships are naturally more intimate than many cruise liners. The atrium, known mainly as The Living Room, for example is relatively small and understated – showcasing the earth tones and soft furnishings you’ll find throughout the ship. There’s a grand piano used for music […]

  • Viking Orion – Winter Garden

    A quiet oasis On several afternoons, usually just after lunch, we would sit and read in the Winter garden and have the place entirely to ourselves. On one occasion we were seated for almost 10 minutes before being approached by a member of crew asking if we wanted anything – the longest we ever sat […]

  • Viking Orion – World Cafe

    A Buffet by any other name … Not as expansive as many “big ship” cruise buffets, this venue nonetheless manages to offer a useful variety of dishes for three meals every day. On several occasions we saw the same dishes available at The World CafĂ© as were being offered in The Restaurant, although not quite […]

  • Viking Orion – Manfredi’s

    Alternative Italian themed dining There are no extra cost destinations on Viking, instead the Chef’s Table and Manfredi’s are considered “alternative” dining choices. Viking guests are big fans of Manfredi’s, but I have to confess I was less enamored. The menu is always the same, with a daily fish and pasta special. Several items are […]

  • Viking Orion – Chef’s Table

    A culinary journey paired with wine The Chef’s table is a quietly themed space in which to experience a food journey. The menu changes every few days, and is always a 5 course meal paired with wine. All passengers have access to the included wine pairing, and if you have the Silver Spirits Beverage Package […]

  • Viking Orion – outdoor spaces

    Quiet solitude or shared energy – you choose Our cruise sailed with only 400 passengers on a ship designed for 930, so naturally we were rather spoiled. The Aquavit Terrace (aft deck) features sun loungers and padded seating around the iconic infinity pool. This is a serene spot even underway, and the appeal is increased […]

  • Meeting Viking Orion

    It’s good to be “home” The bus unloads us in what would normally be a parking lot, but which has been taken over by the Viking shore crew. We head into the arrivals hall, here from the days when passenger steamers were the only way on and off the Island. Our passports are checked to […]

  • Flying to Bermuda

    What already sucked, sucks harder We took advantage of discounted airfare from Viking, which meant they arranged our flights. In retrospect I probably would not do this next time as the savings weren’t material, and I’d prefer to have more control over our flights. Our outbound flights are on American, and I’m able to enter […]

  • Preparing for bermuda

    Travel ain’t like it used to be Bermuda is a small Island, and by May of 2021 they’ve almost eliminated COVID. They’re keen not to let it back in. In order to travel to Bermuda we must be vaccinated (by the time we book in May we’re there), and we must have negative PCR tests […]

  • Viking ocean cruise

    Taking a cruise in the times of Covid We aren’t cruisers … April 2021, and we’ve been largely isolated at home for a little over a year. Our approach to life during the pandemic has been very conservative; either home delivery of groceries or curbside pickup, the closest we’ve been to other people has been […]