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  • Canon F-1

    This represents a turning point for Canon: their first professional grade camera, introduced in March of 1971 along with a new lens mount – the FD range. The F-1 established it’s pro-credentials by offering a huge range of interchangeable parts – viewfinders, focusing screens, winders, backs – and a range of flash accessories. Also notable […]

  • Canon Pellix

    This is a definite odd-ball, and example of creativity attempting to solve an engineering problem: how do you capture light coming through the lens for metering purposes? The Canon answer was to use a pellicle mirror; one which allows about 2/3rds of the light to pass through, and diverts the remaining 1/3rd to a light […]

  • Canon Lenses on a Fujifilm body

    Canon Lenses on a Fujifilm body

    I’ve shot with Canon digital gear since the Rebel XT/EOS 350D I acquired in 2004, and naturally I’ve accumulated a fair few lenses along the way. I’ve been shooting with Fujifilm, both fixed and interchangeable lens models, since I bought an X-PRO1 in 2012. I like the size, the controls, and the image quality. With […]

  • Canonet QL19

    The QL17, QL19 and QL25 are all essentially the same, differentiated only by their f/1.7, f/1.9 and f/2.5 45mm lenses. This was very much the mainstream of cameras in the ’60s.  

  • Canon AE-1

    The AE-1 marked the introduction of micro-processor electronics to photography. For the first time microprocessors calculated exposure and timed the shutter, which in this case was still a fairly traditional horizontal cloth design.  

  • Canon A-1

    The Canon A-1 was the first camera to offer micro-processor controlled, programmed auto-exposure, where both aperture and shutter were determined by the camera.  

  • Canon T-90

    A groundbreaking design departure for Canon, and one which established the pattern for almost every DSLR they sell today.