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  • Canon Lenses on a Fujifilm body

    Canon Lenses on a Fujifilm body

    I’ve shot with Canon digital gear since the Rebel XT/EOS 350D I acquired in 2004, and naturally I’ve accumulated a fair few lenses along the way. I’ve been shooting with Fujifilm, both fixed and interchangeable lens models, since I bought an X-PRO1 in 2012. I like the size, the controls, and the image quality. With […]

  • Fujica ST605n

    Quite a solid camera, arguably introduced just a little late. The K1000 preceded it by a year, and with it came bayonet mounts and 1/1000 top speeds – by comparison the ST605n seems a bit behind the times with its M42 screw thread and 1/700th sec top speed.