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  • Pentax KM

    Essentially an Spotmatic F, the KM is what many feel the K1000 should have been. Introduced alongside the KX in 1975 as it’s less expensive sibling, the KM still offered a self timer and depth of field preview – both features that were thought to be omissions from the K1000. Interestingly, the depth of field […]

  • Pentax KX

    1975 saw the introduction of the KX as the advanced-amateur model in the Pentax K series lineup, seen as one step up from the KM. As with all the K line, the body is essentially a bayonet mount development of the Spotmatic line, and physically very similar. Metering is of the match needle variety, and […]

  • Pentax MV1

    Surprisingly, given it’s decidedly amateur auto-only positioning, this MV1 was “rode hard and put away wet”. It’s one of the most used models in the museum, and was filthy when received. I’ve included it as an interesting reminder that even supposedly beginner friendly cameras can earn their keep through hard work. Introduced in 1980, the […]

  • Pentax MX

    Introduced in 1977, and produced until 1985, the MX represented the flagship of Pentax’s 35mm line. Unlike the ME and derivatives, it features a mechanically timed, cloth shutter. It’s smaller and lighter than the KX, which it succeeded, but other than the overall body form factor it shared little with the ME range. Only light […]

  • Pentax MG

    Pentax introduced the MG in 1981, as the successor to the MV1 and in the line of simpler, automated, bodies going back through MV and ME of 1977. The MG is aperture priority automatic, with no manual shutter speed other than the flash sync of 1/100th second. The metal focal plane shutter is electronically controlled […]

  • Pentax K-1000

    The camera that launched a million hobbies. If you studied photography in School from the mid ’70s onwards, you probably used a K1000.  

  • Pentax ME-F

    One of the first integrated Auto Focus 35mm SLRs offered – possibly the first. There had been other attempts where the A/F system was fully enclosed within the lens, but in this heavily modified version of the ME-Super, electronics within the camera body used contrast detect sensors to determine correct focus.  

  • Pentax LX

    Arguably the very best camera Pentax ever made, and their only attempt at the professional 35mm market. This is a cracking camera in every way!  

  • Pentax ME Super

    Introduced just 2 years after the ME, the ME Super is one of two cameras that replaced the first auto-mode M series body. I had one in the early ’80s and absolutely loved it!  

  • Pentax ME

    Aperture priority only automatic was a fairly bold move for a 35mm SLR in 1977, but the great handling of the ME won many fans