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  • Farewell A380, we hardly knew you

    I’ve flown across the Atlantic for decades in a variety of 747s, and occasionally a 777 or two, but mainly 747s. Thinking that they’d be retired sometime in the not too distant future, we’ve been looking for chances to ride upstairs whenever we could, while we still could. On our most recent return trip from […]

  • When travel loses its glamour

    I’ve been traveling quite a bit this week, from Seattle to LA to Heathrow to Bradford, most recently flying from Bradford to Amsterdam. As a kid flying was always at least a bit glamorous, but that’s vanished in many places – certainly absent from Leeds/Bradford airport. I have been in bus stations with better decor […]

  • Airport lounged

    Unsurprisingly, airport lounges are better than general seating at the gate. There’s complimentary drinks and snacks, and free wi-fi – but more than anything else, there’s usually quiet. The Terraces Lounge at Heathrow T5, for those traveling BA, is one of the largest and best equipped. After a long haul flight it’s certainly refreshing to […]

  • Traveling with gear

    We travel internationally every year, and have done so for the last 18 years or more. I’ve always taken my photographic gear with me. Checking baggageI’ve checked video and film equipment into the hold as luggage with only minor incident. I use Pelican cases because they are rigid and have good foam protection for the […]